Storage Services

Professional Storage Services

A secure and safe environment for Storage services is available to residents of Las Vegas and its environs. Our company provides you with the storage containers of the perfect size for your need regardless of when or why you need to store your items – whether it is amidst relocation or to create more space in your home. Aside from the specialized utility, which is one of our professional services, we also offer many more services. Our team of storage experts handles storage requirements from our customers. They have all the experience, qualifications, and expertise needed to handle your highly-prized and fragile belongings.

Our Household Storage Services

Your belongings are protected from theft and damage when stored in vaulted storage facilities. Here are some of the features: 

  • Presence of advanced security systems and alarms with reliable security to your belongings and are tested to be the best in the industry.
  • Alarm systems that protect against fire and theft in the facility.
  • Surveillance camera surrounding the area 24/7.
  • Short-term and long-term storage options available.
  • Climate controlled storage units for items that require climate control.
  • Use of Inventory Management System for easy management.
  • Uninterrupted pickup and delivery services for all types of items.
  • Vaulted storage utilities.

Our Commercial Storage Services

There is not much difference between our commercial storage services and our household storage services. The best storage solution for your business is available with us. Both vaulted storage space and rack storage utilities are available. We also manage your inventories perfectly, so you don’t need to worry as our commercial storage customer. The security of your belongings, as well as on-time delivery, is assured with our efficient Inventory Management System.

Here are the features of our commercial storage services:   

  • Protection system against theft and fire across the facilities
  • Regular warehouse inspections for vast protection
  • Uninterrupted CCTV surveillance
  • Short and long term storage options available
  • Climate controlled storage units
  • Use of Inventory Management System for easy management
  • Uninterrupted pickup and delivery services for all types of items
  • Vaulted and Open rack storage spaces.

Why Choosing our Storage Services

Our storage facilities are accessible by vehicle. Our team of staff is knowledgeable in every part of the storage supply as well as delivery services. They work hand in hand with our top-notch facilities to provide service to any requirements from our customers. 

All our facilities are secure, safe, and weather-controlled to keep your belongings and prevent any damage to them during storage. In any case, you can make inquiries from our storage experts as they are always available when needed and will make sure they address any issue of concern.  We make sure deliver to you expectations and even surpass your imaginations.